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tourtured mind tutorial by zzaga tourtured mind tutorial by zzaga
here you go

Thank you Mystis, for all your help!!!

original picture can be seen here:[link]
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SullenSquid Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2003
very impressive, cant wait tyin it out. *download*
thx u invested a great deal of time into this tutorial. so we have not to spend much more time to figuring and testing out how the hell u make such great artwork ;) (Wink) . no, i'm grateful for every single tutorial helpin me to improve my work with thid god-programm PS7 and eventually lead me on the right path to finaly find my own style (i think i havent found it yet if at all i have one ;) (Wink) )
so far, keep on

greetz ~lokidjb
kaulana Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2003
THANK YOU for submitting this tutorial, it really helped me with my Photoshop skills :D (Big Grin) ! I'm going to start actually making my sketches on my Wacom, only it's a bit small... 4x5.
Ooh what a good idea! Sketches, on Photoshop, wow! I'm off to draw!
rimshot Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2003
excellent tutorial
adding this to my dev pack "Indispensable Tutorials"
w0nka Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2003
Very nice techniques, it taught me alot, thank you for taking the time to make this =) (Smile)
n05feratu Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing tutorial.. thanks sweetheart for share it.. :D (Big Grin)
tioga Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2002
great tutorial.... Its very interesting to see how you do your art.

:) (Smile)
-plug- Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2002
sweet dude, i've been wanting to know how to do that kinda stuff, and now know. thanks dude. D D D
m-master Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2002
after the long wondering of how.. you get such a great work done.. this helps a lot to understand.
thaks for submiting this, not my kind of art but i love it, it also helped me to understand other points...

tkx a lot
crazinessisay Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2002
Damn error message! I want this
ClickClickBangUK Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2002  Professional Photographer
*blub* cant download it!!

please please please resubmit this zzaga!! i really wanna have a go!

*stomps off in a huff muttering all the while about the merits of safe cyber-sex*

bloody warhol...silly old slapper....*shakes head*
coldfusion Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2002
Hey, zzaga, you should re-upload this (since Warhol got an STD, I can't use it)
theunsung Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2002
help cant get download
oh man that sucks anybody willing to share..

anthraxge Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2002
Gah.... No D/L... can someone mirror? can some one give my thier zip?

Thanks ;) (Wink)

stormshaman Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2002
ARGH! Can't download! gives me an error page with a pink background on devart!?!?!? if i could get it, i would most likely love it, though i dont automaticallhy acqiure your talent, do i? still, its not your fault so ill give it +FAVORITAS anyways cuz i know its good (after all, it's made by you!)

Me gusta tirarse un pedo.
coldfusion Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2002
Gah! It doesn't work. I click and get errors out the ass when I try to d/l... Looks purdy though...
cubebomb Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2002
i am lookin at all your work..and i thinks its the greatest art i have seen in deviantart...DO you like "TOOL"?i mean man, you make stuff like their videos..and its cool:) (Smile)

daikan Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2002
Very great tutorial!!

How do I get Wacom, by the way? :) (Smile)
deadsumo Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2002  Professional Photographer
*downloading* thanx for the tut zzaga! ;) (Wink) I'm damn sure its gonna be good!

:D (Big Grin) :: DEADSUMO :: :D (Big Grin)

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codex Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2002
great! hope i have alot of use of it :) (Smile)
Kan du vissla med fittan?
I am major fuckad :O (Eek)
peck Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2002
it's very good idea you had to do a tutorial on this tx a lot :) (Smile) )
loiden Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2002
that was a very intressting tutorial to read.. thanks alot for makeing that one, =) (Smile) ..
great work!
eternityforgotten Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2002
wow - amazing tutorial
it was very interesting to observe your process of creating ur art :D (Big Grin)
wow.. god it must take so long though.. (see this is why i write poetry.. doesn't take as long - lol)
i do paint though.. just not on computer since i don't have a tablet.. :( (Sad)
well this is great.. really...
thank u
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poluter Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
yay! it was really nice to see how you do your images. I think you should do more of this! Nod I like it alot, and that image is so cool!
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the-joker Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2002
Could be nice to see how you work *download*

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konador Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2002   Photographer
thanks for this! i cant wait to start trying my hand at this style myself... altho i'll have to get a wacom first.
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pluttrik Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2002
This is sooo great Saga! I've only looked it through once but I will study this alot! Thanks for sharing your skills with the rest of the world. This will help me alot and really deserves a favourite.

Sweet, just sweet Saga!
>:) (Devil)
shawneboy Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2002
Dont really see it as a tut. Looks more like a behind the scenes. I like the art though.
cayz Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2002
you are the best!
That's my opinion"
xploit Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2002
fucking sweet bro
XpLoiT - Me =) (Smile)
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vannova Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2002
You rule this style! Thanks for showing how you create such masterpieces! Its impressive to see it growing!
I´ll definitely give it a try.. knowing that it will be a poor imitation of your very own impressive style at best... but learning from a master is the best way to improve skills! Maybe it sounds like ass kissin´.. but I m serious.. I admire your talent!


-[ VanNovA ]-
raad Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2002
Thanks so much for submitting this, you're a huge inspiration to me, and seeing how you do your work is an honor. :) (Smile)
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carnelian Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2002
Love Rose Thank you very much! Love
... downloading ... Kiss
LOL Cookie Alien
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scarmind Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2002
Checking :) (Smile)
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chief6711 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2002
Thank you thank you thank you. This beats sitting here staring at your stuff trying to teach myself how not to suck.
amphex Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2002
Whoa, thank you!
-amphex (Dan)
c-specter Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2002
wow, thank you soo much! :) (Smile)
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zero7 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2002
downloads....many thanks
[Spidey ][ Mr 7. ][Spidey ]
thursday Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2002
mmm... crazy airbrushing skills.
i love your pieces, they're so dark...
this is one of your best, i think
mystis Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2002
Weehee :D (Big Grin) I see you finally got it to work! I'm still going to send you the compressed images anyways and you may want to update the file with them, it will be a lot quicker of a download and the quality drop is almost unnoticeable :D (Big Grin)

As for the tutorial itself, I'll say again as I did in the e-mail, stupendous job. It's a peek into the mind of an artist while making a great piece of art :) (Smile) Great, great job!
Mystis - [link]

Would love a comment if you have a sec :) (Smile) [link]
havocgr Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2002
Yeah we all thank you Mystis. Downloading started.......
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ka-os Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2002
Very Well done!

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emtilt Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2002
Thank you. *downloads*
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xpurityx Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2002
hey, great tutorial.. it's interesting to see how people work
i just wish it tought me how to have your talent in drawing
:D (Big Grin)
yawn2oo Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2002
awesome.. **downloads** and REALLY learns how to airbrush :P (Razz)
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painkiller Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2002
woohoo!!! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)

now, if only i had a wacom... :/
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